We work swiftly and efficiently to ensure timely result in a way most appropriate for the client.
Practical approach
We do not work to produce report or procedure – result of our work always have practical dimension either technical, social or operational.
We maintain total transparency with our clients. We always provide details of our work and explain our actions, and we always operate in full coordination with our clients.
We strive to create added-value for our clients. We never stop thinking about what else can be done to further promote our clients’ interest.
We believe that our customers' trust is essential to achieving the expected results. Keeping information on performed tasks confidential is the foundation of our work. This translates into both the hermetic nature of our human team, the technical protection applied as well as the adopted methods of operations.
We select the best experts in each field to ensure that the service we provide is second to none. We commit ourselves to devising „out of the box” solutions. We believe that any goal can be reached through creativity and an open mind.
Cutting-Edge Analytical Skills
Cutting-edge analytical and research skills are at the heart of every solid intelligence project. Highly experienced and trained in elite military and governmental intelligence units, the team uses creative and inventive thinking to connect the dots.
Harvesting in the Cyber World
We have developed innovative tools and methodologies to handle massive amounts of data. We unearth useful information for our clients and map all potential sources of interest by trawling the deep web and harvesting information from typically inaccessible areas of the Internet such as the Dark Net.
Pro - active approach
We overcome deadlocks by taking a can-do, dynamic approach. We have developed several unique methods, especially in the social engineering field, that allow us to move freely in and extract valuable information from limited access sources, both in virtual and physical environments.
In every situation we act in accordance with the requirements of the Polish and international legal order. RAW Private Limited company conducts business activity on the basis of registration in the National Court Register maintained by the District Court of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000692945.
Training is for people who would like to:
  • Understand the effect of the current Cyber threat across all their operations and understand which has serious impact, improve risk management
  • Know the Cyber Threat questions to ask within the organisation, and interpret the responses in order to assess and manage the Cyber risk;
  • Determine whether the strategic Cyber Defence strategy is coherently applied across all available mitigations and proportionate investment is available and adequate to the threat.
Methods and techniques of cyber attack
By using real life examples, this section will explain where and how the Cyber threat compares to other strategic risks, including where it differs and how. This will also demonstrate headline effects on areas of business outside its IT. We uncover who they are; what motivates them; what enables them; how they overlap – and under what prevailing circumstances; and what their different target sets are. We will use real life case studies. How the threat actors operate; what technical, human, physical and social vulnerabilities they exploit; what they use to do this and for what purpose. Technically, we discuss such concepts as:
  • APT
  • Phisical access and USB drives
  • WiFi
  • DoS/DDoS
  • Botnet
  • Messangers
  • Social media
  • IoT
Wyjaśnienie pojęć oraz wskazanie zagrożeń pojawiających się w Darknet – wyjaśnienie zasady działania takich narzędzi jak TOR oraz koncepcji kryptowalut np. Bitcoin.
Defense strategies
Based on the risk profile we discuss applicable procedures, training and technical solutions to protect against cyber attacks, we address issues such as:
  • Risk management and procedures
  • People vs technological solutions
  • Using smartphones & own devices
  • Encryption
  • Antivirus protection
  • Enterprise Security: SIEM, IDS / PDS, VM, DLP
Risk management
This session focuses on the key strategic questions participants have to ask within their organization to ensure that cyber risk management is properly and effectively implemented and that it is continually being revised as threats to the landscape develop.
One of our primary services is litigation and conflict support. We apply the full scope of our intelligence, information collection, analysis and operational skills to assist our clients in promoting their business and legal interests. We help our clients adopt a pro-active approach to litigation and conflict resolution by providing intelligence that can be later used as evidence in court, while conducting closed room negotiations, or with any other third party or authority. Information of this type critically affects the strategy and advice that our clients receive from their lawyers.
We offer active involvement in our clients’ efforts to establish the evidential foundation of their cases. Using unique collection skills, we work together with our clients’ legal teams, providing them with relevant materials and reports on specific areas of interest to help the legal team promote our clients’ interests. Evidence collection also includes identifying and locating potential witnesses, and assistance in assessing the strength of adversaries’ evidence and asset structure.
Grounded in our in-depth familiarity with relevant legislation and court procedures related to asset recovery; our asset tracing and enforcement support services produce valuable intelligence and due-diligence at a standard far beyond other, currently available, services. Our team has developed unique expertise as asset recovery practitioners, and we can function in different jurisdictions under different legal systems, extending all the way to analyzing offshore companies and trusts.
Understanding your opponent is a key element when building a strategy for a complex situation. Our team supports litigation processes by identifying your opponents’ vulnerabilities, interests, priorities and strategy. Using our unique intelligence methodology, we enhances its clients’ decision making by providing otherwise unobtainable information. We help our clients identify their adversaries’ sensitive points or vulnerabilities, or evidence of their misconduct.
Drawing on our experience of fraud investigation and analyzing complex (often offshore) company structures, we identify instances of criminality in our clients’ counterparties’ operations, such as VAT fraud, involvement with organised crime or law violations. We then work closely with our clients in order to ensure that the information is used to maximum effect, be it by appealing to regulatory authorities, or by bringing criminal or civil actions in cases such as fraud, bribery or terror financing.
Our team specializes in gathering and analysing intelligence that enables our clients to better understand their business environment, enhance their ability to identify business risks and opportunities, and leverage their competitive edge. Our competitive intelligence service is based on cutting-edge methodology that includes high-end information gathering and research capabilities, bolstered by solid technical and legal acuity. Competitive intelligence is delivered in the form of report of the key players in the target market, accompanied by detailed information on each competitor’s procedures, practices, R&D plans, products and services, and unrevealed usable leverage points of conflicts, corruption, fraud or bribery.
Any business that wishes to develop and grow requires a steady stream of information on potential markets and opportunities. We offer thorough and comprehensive market research and analysis services that reveal insights to companies looking to expand and grow. We are able to provide in-depth information and analysis regardless of geographic boundaries, through our partners we are able to operate worldwide. We identify potential unique business opportunities, locate key players and centers of excellence, and creates detailed target profiles that assist our clients in executing well-informed business moves.
Decisions involving significant business moves, large-scale acquisitions, new partnerships, and expanding operations into new, and foreign, countries inevitably involve trade-offs between risks and benefits. Our Deep-Level Due Diligence service supports clients’ risk management and helps minimize such business risks by providing comprehensive assessments of business targets. A distinct tool to financial and legal due diligence, Deep-Level Due Diligence that we provide delves into the people behind the target company; their motives and interests, past behavior in other roles, and any other information that could reveal behavior contrary to the strategy of our clients interests. Our unique Deep-Level Due Diligence methodology produces a broad and detailed overview of the designated target, taking into account a multitude of financial, marketing, legal, and technical aspects.
Our team produces compliance reports on potential business partners, suppliers, distributors, and re-sellers (individuals and companies), supporting clients’ compliance efforts in accordance with the requirements of the Bribery Act, Fraud Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, and other relevant legislation. We help our clients ensure full compliance with these laws by inspecting the both legal and financial records and procedures of designated partners, in order to confirm their compliance with the requirements defined in relevant legislation, such as due-diligence reporting and risk assessment procedures. Our compliance services identify involvement of existing and potential business associates in sanctions violations, money laundering incidents, terror financing and any organized crime involvement.
Whilst robust defense systems are an essential foundation for any cyber-security plan, it is necessary, in today’s fast-moving world of technology and diverse cyber-threats, to expand the perimeter of security in order to sufficiently safeguard your systems and data. Possession of up to date intelligence that allows you to know what to expect in case of an attack, and that provides an ample forewarning to prepare, is the key to an effective response system. Furthermore, swift response and forensic investigation following a cyber-security breach can reduce exposure, recover data and allow for a swift and appropriate recalibration of security measures.
In today’s digital age, the provenance and authenticity of computerized information can be a critical factor in deciding the facts of a case. Our cyber forensics team delves deep into metadata – the DNA of digital information – in order to extract data, show when documents have been altered or manipulated, provide clues as to the existence of further information that could be discoverable, and establish timelines and patterns of behavior. Furthermore, our cyber forensics experts have the necessary experience and credentials to act as expert witnesses when required.
Oftentimes, our clients find their reputation under online attack from adversaries operating anonymously or under an assumed identity. The statements made virtually in blogs, news article comments and on social media can have a very real effect on the reputation of an individual or company. Our team unmasks negative campaigns aimed at slandering its clients, extorsion or blackmail, including the identities, biases, motivations and conflicts of those making false statements, enabling the clients to take steps to silence them.
Perhaps the greatest risk of data leakage comes from a company’s own employees, be it intentional or accidental. We work with the client to identify employees that have the potential to leak, or have leaked, information through social media or other, inadvertent, methods of distribution. Coupled with an assessment of employee motivation and satisfaction in the highest risk positions, such as IT security officers, this provides the client with a strategic map for dealing with potential data leakage, enabling a swift and appropriate response.
Clients with greater security needs may retain us to be their ‘eyes and ears’ in the world of cyber-crime. By assigning teams that actively engage with the hacker community to keep a 24/7 watch for direct threats to a specific client, We are able to create a 360 degree picture of threats to the client’s infrastructure. Using their innovative methodology of obtaining information, Our team provide real-time bulletins of any critical threat information that is relevant to the client.
We provide permanent or temporary protection of premises, vehicles and people against wiretaps in rooms, vehicles and people tracking, as well as against surveillance by means of spyware. Our offer includes:
  • construction of safe rooms in accordance with the standards of electromagnetic protection adopted in Poland, including the use of devices that prevent sound recording (so-called white noise)
  • detection of (passive) electronic devices and radio transmitters that can be used to record conversations in rooms, by physically inspecting them
  • detection of unwanted positioning transmitters mounted on vehicles or devices
  • detection of spyware on smartphones and personal computers
In carrying out the above tasks, we use the most advanced devices available in this area, which are not inferior to the quality of devices used by government agencies.
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