The developed solution will incorporate three innovative modules:

  • The modification module – providing security of the Android operating system along with the modification mechanism of the operating system (OTA)
  • The module of the phone application verification, installation and update mechanisms (application store)
  • The cyber defence console module with blockchain mechanisms

The product will be targeted at private companies, public sector organisations, politicians and businessmen.

The designed solution has no direct competitor – there are no solutions with the comparable level of security and functionality. The project result will be addressing the diagnosed, unsolved so far, consumer problems.

The objective will be achieved through the implementation of the industrial research and development work, in which the system security and effectiveness will be tested in real conditions.

The project results will be implemented by the Beneficiary within 3 years after the completion of the research by the application of the findings in their own business.

Project value: 6,230,051.25 PLN

EU co-financing: 4,658,804.25 PLN